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We offer fast, secure and amazing WordPress websites – with all the function and stylish design that WordPress will allow in order for your website to represent you or your business to its maximum potential!

WordPress Style and Design

WordPress prides itself on being a platform for the most stylish and beautiful websites in existence. This is because of its simple structure which allows for virtually unlimited variations. But, WordPress also brings function to any website due to the vast network of developers who offer add-ons that can do just about anything you can think of.

If not, we will write the code and create the function for you!

WordPress Upgrades
Keeping your version of WordPress updated is very important, both for purposes of function and security. WordPress release security versions within their sequence of releases – these contain security patches that will keep most malicious invaders out, but they must be kept up to date.

We will update your WordPress to the latest version from any back-dated version, while preserving your plugins and their functions. Some of your plugins may need updating too, and they will need checking for their compatibility with the latest version of WordPress.

WordPress Security
No matter what others say, no website is 100% secure. But, if you take the basic precautions – like keeping your software up-to-date, or setting strong passwords etc. you are very unlikely to encounter any problems. However, we go a step further by installing extra firewall protection and by frequently searching for any new malicious content.

Have you been hacked?!

Neglect is the most common reason for a WordPress website to have been breached or hacked – usually an older version of WordPress or a plugin exposes vulnerabilities. We would aim to get your website updated, but first we would need to clean it of all malicious files or code, get it up-to-date, then back it up so that you have a clean version to rely on.

If your website is down due to hacking – as long as we have access to your database we can get in and get it up again, and then begin the clean out!